Speaking & Training Engagements

We provide speaking and training engagements to various professional organizations

  • Instead of booking flights, hotels and rental cars, have us come to your location, at a time that is convenient for you and your team.  We bring years of experience to you.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Productive: Your team can apply the lessons learned and increase awareness to prevent and detect fraud immediately.
  • Cost-Effective: Hosting an on-site training session is less than sending a group of your valuable team to an off-site training event by saving travel time and costs.
  • Dynamic: Our training is an interactive learning format. Throughout our session, we seek your team members' input and assess their level of understanding and interest.
  • Motivating: The shared learning experience provides a valuable opportunity for team building and increase team members' motivation and morale.
  • Convenient: You select the time that works with your schedule.

Since 2007, we have been providing valuable trainings and discussions to prestigious organizations, including the California Society of CPA|CalCPA Education Foundation, the State Bar Associations, the Institute of Internal Auditors, and various educational and not-for-profit organizations.



  • IRS Form W-12, Paid Tax Return Preparer's "Data Security Responsibilities" checkbox acknowledgement 
  • Partnership Basics – Common Issues Leading to Disputes
  • Phishing Training with Real Examples
  • Cybersecurity - What You Can Do to Protect Your Organization
  • Should Businesses Get a Health Check-up? - A Discussion on Anti-Fraud Controls
  • An In-Depth Study on Collusion and Procurement Fraud Schemes
  • The Cost of Occupational Fraud & Abuse within the Government & Public Sectors - Prevention & Detection
  • A Study on Corruption
  • The Cost of Fraud in Small Business
  • Current Trends in Small Business Fraud - A Case Study - How Fraud Risk Assessment can help
  • Cybersecurity for Accountants - What a professional should know 
  • [Updated] Financial Elder Abuse – How Can You Help to Prevent It?
  • The Fallout of Equifax – What You Need to Know
  • Financial Elder Abuse — How Can You Help to Prevent It?
  • Small Business Fraud – A Case Study Approach
  • Expense Reimbursement Fraud: How Do You Detect It?
  • Fraud and Computer Safety
  • Hacking & Data Breach: What Professionals Need to Know
  • Hacking, Data Breach & Tax Fraud: What CPAs Need to Know
  • BIAS: How does it affect our work?
  • What is the Difference? -Introduction to Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination with Case Studies
  • Using Interviewing Techniques to Catch and Prevent Small Business Fraud
  • Catching & Preventing Small Business Fraud: Successful Investigation & Interviewing Techniques
  • Is Fraud A Cost of Doing Business?
  • Is Your Organization Susceptible to Vendor Kickback?
  • Using Data Analytics to Detect Tax Fraud and Fraudulent Conveyance in Estate Planning
  • The Cost of Occupational Fraud
  • What Would You Do? – Understanding Fraud Through Case Studies
  • Introduction & Application of the Fraud Triangle – A Case Study Approach
  • Introduction & Application of the Fraud Triangle
  • Using Data Analytics to Detect Possible Fraud
  • Small Business Fraud – A Case Study Approach
  • Introduction to Forensic Accounting
  • Using Technology to Detect Fraud
  • A Highlight of the Confirmation Process and the Related Fraud – A Case Study

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"SUCCESS is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." ~  Pele

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